Week#13: Choice Poem –

red padlock

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To Be Perfect:


To be what everyone else thinks you should be


To be skinny but, not too skinny

To be tall but, not too tall

To have straight teeth and luscious hair

To have absolutely no acne and 50/50 eyesight

Cause you know having glasses or good grades makes you a nerd or dork

Perfection isn’t any of that

Being different in every single way possible, now that’s perfection

Because it means you’re being yourself

And you being yourself is the most perfect thing in the entire world

Week #11: Inspiration Poem –

That Song in my heart...

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You inspire me

You inspire me to smile and laugh.

To be a more open person.

You inspire me to want to go places.

To be a traveler and learner.

You inspire me to be kind and caring to all.

To be a sweet girl with a caring heart.

You inspire me to wonder,

Wonder what things would be like if they were different.

You inspire me and I thank you for that.

Week #12: Have I Improved? –

Hellnar - Iceland - Seascape photography

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            Travel is the only escape for me. I have been traveling since I was 6 and love it. And I learned that I never like to stay in one place for too long because everything starts to become too familiar and nothing new or exciting happens. If you stay in one place and never travel, in a way it’s like reading the same book over and over again, and for some people that is fun and for others it gets boring after you read it more than once. So what I’m trying to say is that I love traveling, whether it’s out of the state or out of the country or even just out of the city. Traveling is super fun! You can learn new languages and lifestyles, and try new food and see the different ways things work around the world.

            The first state I traveled to was California when I was 6. We went to Visalia, California and it was so beautiful and original. I was drawn to the brightly colored buildings all around me because they were different and new. At night it was even more beautiful because every single building had lights that outlined the doors, windows, roofs, signs, everything. Visalia, California is definitely somewhere I want to visit again because it was such a fun experience for me. And that was when my love for traveling started.

            My very first time traveling by myself I was 12. I went to Paris, Normandy, and London. I was so nervous because well, first of all, I was 12 and second of all I wasn’t going with anybody I knew. But, I was really excited too because Paris, France was and still is my most favorite place in the entire world and I have always wanted to go there so when I got a chance to I took it! Europe was so fun! I learned how to speak a lot of French like, “Parlez vous anglais?” which means “Do you speak English?” and that came in handing a whole bunch. I got to see the Eiffel Tower and the London Eye they were both so very beautiful. Now it has been almost a year since that trip and that trip made me want to travel the world. I have a trip coming up soon and it’s to Italy and Greece, I’m so excited for all the new things I am going to learn there. If you could travel to any place in the world, where would it be?

Week #9: Personification Poem –

EyeCreative Commons License

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My Eyes

They are hazel like little walnut shells with different shades of brown

They have slightest hint of gold lining my pupil like a star

I smile more with my eyes than with my mouth

They are the smaller copy of my mother’s beautiful hazel eyes

They are the passageways to my trusting soul

I talk with my eyes when the words don’t seem to come out of my mouth

They have seen the Eiffel Tower and the Queen’s Castle

They have traveled all the way to Europe by themselves

My eyes have seen wonders and disappointment

But no matter what the will never stop smiling  

Week #8: Digital Footprint –

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            This week we had to search up our name or nickname on google and look at what was on our digital footprint. I first searched up my first and last name and it came up positive. Some things that came up were my social media accounts like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+. Then some online shopping accounts like Etsy, Case Monkey, and Zazzle. Also my old GoFundMe account/website came up from last year when I was raising money for my trip to Europe. Then I looked at the images and there were pictures of me from Paris, London, and Normandy. There were also pictures of me from when I was like a toddler which I thought was kinda cool. I personally would like my future grandchildren or grandparents to see the pictures of me and stuff, I think it could be cool.

Week #7: Choice Post –

Shed RoomCreative Commons License Islxndis via Compfight

            This week we can write about whatever we want and I chose to write about organizing. I know most people don’t like cleaning or organizing their room or house but I’m not most people and anyone who knows me, knows that. I love organizing and here are a few reasons why.

            I like re-organizing my bedroom is because I don’t like things to be the same all the time so I like to switch it up sometimes. Whenever my room is setup differently then before it gives me ideas to do different things in my room like where to hang certain things or get rid of the things that don’t match. When my room looks different it helps me think better.

            Organizing and cleaning my bedroom is relaxing to me. Whenever I am frustrated or sad or whatever I clean because it also helps keep my mind distracted. I personally think it is a good thing that I like to re-organize, organize, and clean because then my room always looks nice and pretty. I also like to keep it nice looking and clean so when we have guests or friends come over they don’t think we are a bunch of slobs.

Week #6: Poem #1 –

commit / rollback

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My Heart

My heart is forgiving like my soul

My heart loves like nothing and no one else

I wear my heart on my sleeve

My heart is as bright as my smile

My heart is as pure as my eyes

I listen to my heart instead of my head

My heart has trouble letting go just like my arms

My heart falls in love without telling me

I love my heart

Week #5: Culture and Family –

RingsCreative Commons License Holly Occhipinti via Compfight                                           

So this week I chose to talk about my family and well, it’s not a normal, everyday family. My parents are divorced and have been for a while. My mom is now remarried to my step-dad Stephen and has two of her own kids ( my sister and I ) plus my step-dads three daughters so, five all together. My sisters names are Carynn, Danyka, Ryanna, and Sydney. We own and live in a big enough house that we all get our own rooms. My step-dad and step-sisters have been apart of my life for about eight years. My dad has also been remarried to my step-mom Lindsey and she has one son named Kaleb. We also own and live in our house but it is not as big, my sister Sydney and I share a room and then my brother gets his own.

Week #4: Let’s Look Globally –

Creative Commons License U.S. DeA girl eating a peachpartment of Agriculture via Compfight 

          One of the worst global issues at the moment I think is hunger. Personally I think food is taken for granted because we all think we can eat more than we actually can and then we just throw away the leftovers or save them and either eat them later or their just left in the fridge till they go bad and then we throw them away anyways. And I’m not gonna lie I throw away my leftovers all the time but, now I’m trying to watch how much I put on my plate so then I don’t have to throw away food and if I’m still hungry I can get seconds and so on. Some places that waste the most food are Europe, North America, and Industrialized Asia. There are kids all over the world that don’t even eat for multiple days and I we can fix that I mean there are so many organizations that help with kids in need of food like Feed the Children, No Kid Hungry, Feeding America and many, many more. So there’s my post for the week, hope you enjoyed it!

Week #10: See you in March –

     This weeks post is going to be our last on until March 2017. So for this post we were asked to evaluate our blog and the global blogging challenge in general. So if I was asked to evaluate my blog on a scale 1 through 10 I would rate it a 7 because I have done all my blogs I just didn’t do some of the extra credit so I don’t have all of the weeks but, yeah I would rate my blog a 7 out of 10. I have four blogs posts well, five if you count this one and and one page. I got four comments altogether. The post I enjoyed writing the most was my last post Week #9. It was my favorite because I got to write about something I love; traveling and it’s also my favorite because I found a super cute picture to go along with it. For the global blogging challenge I think I would rate it a 8 out of 10. I would rate it a 8 because I like the idea of blogging and how we are able to read blogs from around the world.